Strategy of the Court Administration

Strategy of the Court Administration

Operational Strategy of the Court Administration

The Operational Strategy of the Court Administration (CA) for 2017-2019 is a medium-term development planning document, which determines its activities and basic directions of development. 

1      Address of the Director of CA

Many serious challenges await TA already starting from 2017. As the most significant of them I would like to emphasize the reform of district (city) courts (courts map), development of e-case and successful progress of the European Social Fund project “Justice for Development”, as well as export of knowledge and cooperation on the level of European Union and globally.

In order to implement these objectives, CA has worked intensively in recent years and these objectives serve as evidence of knowledge accumulated by CA, efficient work and following our vision, which comprises striving towards growth and regular innovations in our work.

Awaiting year 2020, CA will have proved itself as a capable exporter of knowledge and skilful coordinator and implementer of large scale projects, promoting cooperation among court authorities, public administration and public in general.

2      Vision

CA is a modern, growth-oriented state administration authority with the main objective to strengthen the court power and ensure administrative assistance for its efficient work and development.

3      Mission

CA promotes good relations among court authorities, the state administration and society in general, drawing special attention to:

  • Development – involving court authorities and public in its activities in order to ensure fair observing of interests of all parties; CA cooperates with the state administration, so that its general activity would be harmonized and understandable, using the experience gained during administration of courts;
  • Innovations – planning works to be implemented and addressing them in order to implement them timely, efficiently, and to select only the useful works;
  • Employees – raising awareness of court authorities and public about functions implemented by CA and assuming responsibility for implementation thereof;
  • Cohesion – communicating with court authorities and informing the public, thus gaining trust for our work.

                Successful administration of court authorities serves as a contribution of CA to building trust of the public to the court power, forming reputation of court authorities through raising trust of the public. 

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