Development Cooperation

Project title:
Strengthening Judicial Training Through Twinning No. GE/14/ENI/JH/01/16 (GE28)

Leading financier: European Commission

Project Lead Partner: Court Administration of the Republic of Latvia

Project implementation: 01.09.2017.-28.02.2019.


Project Partners

French National School for the Judiciary represented by Justice Coopération Internationale

Croatian Judicial Academy


Project aim

The overall objective of the project is to support the rule of law and judicial independence in Georgia by strengthening professionalism for judges and court staff.

The aim of the project is to bring legal training practices closer to European standards, strengthening the High School of Justice (hereinafter - HSoJ), developing the institution's capacity and effectiveness, and developing future curricula.


Planned project components:

1. component Upgrading initial training program of the HSoJ for Judicial candidates.

2. COMPONENT Developing continuing education modules (currucula) and integrating them in to the In-service Training Program of the HSoJ

3. COMPONENT Strengthening the capacities of the trainers, Trainings Management Unit, Analytical and International relations Unit and administration of the HSoJ

4. COMPONENT Introducing E-learning programs for judges and other court staff