Court Administration presents the virtual assistant

Today, on 11 November, the Court Administration presented the virtual assistant - Justs, who will help customers to be competent in websites maintained and services provided by the authority. The purpose of the virtual assistant is to provide customers with a possibility to receive structured replies on the websites maintained by the authority, to help to orient there and to...
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Court Administration working on a project to predict the length of proceedings

In order to optimize the administrative process of courts, the Court Administration has embarked on a project that will allow predicting the length of the expected proceedings. As reported, the Court Administration has previously worked on data analysis innovation in collaboration with the University of Latvia and Microsoft Innovation Center. The Deputy Director of the Court Administration A. Munda emphasized:...
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Court Administration receives REGIOSTARS LATVIA 2019 project award

On May 29th the Court Administration received REGIOSTARS LATVIA 2019 project award for its project “Digitalization of Land Register Processes” under category SMART GROWTH: Encouraging Digital Changes. The project was aimed at creating unified and effective land register electronic process, improving the state unified computerized land register information system with an integrated electronic archive. Bearing in mind the project’s goals,...
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Starting with 1st June 2019, judges of the Land Register Divisions are to be incorporated in the district (city) courts

On 25th October 2018 the Parliament (Saeima) adopted amendments to the Law on the Judiciary Power and on 1st November 2018 amendments were adopted to the Law on Land Registers too, providing that starting with 1st June 2019, judges of the Land Register Divisions are to be fully incorporated in the district (city) courts. The reform is aimed at increasing...
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Court Administration organizes training on the issues of financial crimes investigation

On 25 - 26 March and 27 and 28 March of the current year the training “Financial investigation from strategic considerations up to actual activities” was organized with the framework of the ESF project “Justice for Growth”. Purpose of the training was to strengthen the ability to combat laundering of proceeds of crime. The training was organized by the Court...
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Global framework on the development of digital services in the field of justice is being developed under the supervision of the Court Administration of Latvia

On 26 March of the current year the first meeting of the expert work group established by the Court Administration of Latvia and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) was held in Lisbon in order to discuss the basic elements of the global framework. Development of technologies in the area of justice is broadly discussed, when talking about access...
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Digital evidence in the sector of justice

 On 4 and 5 March of the current year within the framework of the ESF project “Justice for Growth” a training “Introduction On Legal Acts and Practice with Regards to Electronic Evidence” was organized. The training was organized by the Court Administration, where judges, investigators and prosecutors were participating. The training was lead by a sworn advocate Steven Mason, who...
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Court administration - the world leader in the analysis of judicial data

In 2017, the Court Administration of Latvia required a comprehensive enterprise analytics platform to collect information, drive insights and make faster decisions. By choosing MicroStrategy, the Court Administration integrated disparate data sources into one place and gave its users the ability to access information easily and quickly with self-service analytics.
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The Court Administration of Latvia Improves its Court Case Management and Lowers Spend with MicroStrategy

Riga (Latvia), January 15th, 2019 – MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, today announced that the Court Administration of the Republic of Latvia has deployed the MicroStrategy platform to drive its data-led digital transformation. The Court Administration of Latvia oversees 2,200 judges and court employees, and approximately 100 administrative staff working in...
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Possibilities of the electronic auction site have expanded

Upon broadening the possibilities of the electronic auction site and increasing the popularity thereof, as well as in order to increase incomes earned from auctions, additional services are offered on the auction site. In order to make the auction site even more convenient for users thereof and activities thereof more efficient, the subscription of the monitoring service of announcements registered...
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