Court Administration presents the virtual assistant

Today, on 11 November, the Court Administration presented the virtual assistant - Justs, who will help customers to be competent in websites maintained and services provided by the authority.

The purpose of the virtual assistant is to provide customers with a possibility to receive structured replies on the websites maintained by the authority, to help to orient there and to provide information about the available e-services and more convenient use thereof.

Andris Munda, the Acting Director of the Court Administration says: “Purpose of the authority is to be on the constant development, improving the operations of the authority in a way in order to use technologies for public interests and needs in the most appropriate way. The possibilities provided by new technologies significantly enable to improve customer service and to increase efficiency of the authority”.

The virtual assistant is a computer programme, establishing a dialogue online between a human and a computer and it will be available to customers at any time of the day-and-night, every day, which means that the customers will be able to establish the issues they are interested in not only during the working hours of the authorities, but at the time convenient for them.

The virtual assistant makes the communication with the customer more available and friendly; customer do not have to attend the customer service centres in presence, saving their time and money, they do not have to wait for a conversation with the service specialist, because replies to questions of customers are provided immediately.

Justs will not only help the customers by replying to questions, but also unburden the work of customer service specialist, replacing the technical routine work, enabling employees to draw attention to the work of higher added value, and improving the efficiency of the authority.

Initially, the virtual assistant’s solution of the Court Administration will provide automated communication on the homepage of the Land Register ( on the topics - electronic services of the Land Register and contact information.

In the future on the electronic auctions site ( and court e-service homepage (

In order Justs could acquire new topics, develop and be able to offer the most rapid and most convenient solutions, we recommend all interested persons to ask questions to the virtual assistant on the website of the authority (

Establishment of the virtual assistant was financed from the budget allocated for the Court Administration and it is developed in cooperation with the Culture Information System Centre and the Latvian company Tilde. 

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