Court Administration receives REGIOSTARS LATVIA 2019 project award

On May 29th the Court Administration received REGIOSTARS LATVIA 2019 project award for its project “Digitalization of Land Register Processes” under category SMART GROWTH: Encouraging Digital Changes.

The project was aimed at creating unified and effective land register electronic process, improving the state unified computerized land register information system with an integrated electronic archive.

Bearing in mind the project’s goals, i.e. mitigate high administrative workload for individuals and merchants, a solution was developed in the project allowing to submit and process corroboration requests electronically, reduce the number of procedures required in the process of registering an immovable property (along with the duration of the registration process), without asking to submit for registration paper-based documents issued by other institutions. As a result, the person requesting corroboration need not to visit several authorities to receive documents.

To simplify and improve work processes of the land register divisions and reduce maintenance costs, a unified electronic archive system was created and introduced, allowing to access archived cases regardless of the location. As a result, cases are distributed following the principle of randomness and work is continued throughout the divisions regardless of resources available at each unit. For the purposes of optimizing processes, information technologies were used to prevent any duplications of land register processes.

“Currently a lot of attention is paid to the development of information technologies in the field of justice in order to properly utilize technologies in the interests and for the needs of the society; therefore, this award means that we are on the right path and our work up to this point has helped to make the field of justice more efficient,” proudly admits Edvins Balsevics (Edvīns Balševics), the Director of the Court Administration.
The project was implemented thanks to the cooperation between parties involved in the process of registration of immovable properties, including Land Register Divisions, Ministry of Justice, sworn notaries, bailiffs, and local governments.
Project competition REGIOSTARS LATVIA 2019 is aimed at awarding and praising cohesion policy projects funded by the EU, representing excellence and new approaches to the regional development of Latvia.