Digital evidence in the sector of justice

 On 4 and 5 March of the current year within the framework of the ESF project “Justice for Growth” a training “Introduction On Legal Acts and Practice with Regards to Electronic Evidence” was organized.

The training was organized by the Court Administration, where judges, investigators and prosecutors were participating.

The training was lead by a sworn advocate Steven Mason, who is also IT department associate of the General Council of the Bar of England and Wales, and the doctor Cormac Kelanan, who has work experience of more than 30 years in the area of international computer networks and experience of 20 years for policy development in relation to unlawful content and activities of cyber crimes on the internet.

When starting the training, the moderator thereof Steven Mason emphasized: “Electronic evidences include every area of justice and the majority of problems includes some element of electronic evidences. Judges, lawyers, advocates and judicial academicians have a duty to become acquainted with the topic, ensuring compliance with the principle of justice”.

In its turn, the doctor Cormac Kelanan emphasized: “Electronic evidences do not exist anywhere. When using the broad range of mobile technologies, nowadays people regularly communicate through social networks, use e-mail and other virtual methods, managed by international organizations. There is no area of human being, which would not be related with the connected world - that means that there is no area of justice, without having any impact of electronic evidences”.

During the training participants acquired the basics of electronic evidences, as well as challenges related to them. Investigators had a unique opportunity to acquire the investigation analysis tools and to discuss over the consequences of unsuccessful analysis.

In its turn, judges and prosecutors supplemented their knowledge on digital evidences, encoded data and crypto currencies.

“It is very important to organize such trainings for employees of the judicial sector, as far as it is a unique possibility to acquire international experience here in Latvia. We are inevitably approaching the area of court digitalization. We have currently already commenced the e-case project that will ensure electronic movement of cases in courts. Besides an application of the project is submitted to the European Commission regarding introduction of the system of electronic evidences in Latvia”, tells E.Balsevics (E.Balševics), the Director of the Court Administration.

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