The Court Administration of Latvia Improves its Court Case Management and Lowers Spend with MicroStrategy

Riga (Latvia), January 15th, 2019 – MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, today announced that the Court Administration of the Republic of Latvia has deployed the MicroStrategy platform to drive its data-led digital transformation. The Court Administration of Latvia oversees 2,200 judges and court employees, and approximately 100 administrative staff working in 50 court buildings. The organization relies on the industry’s latest enterprise analytics and mobility technology to provide the courts and Land Registry Offices with the modern analytics for data-driven decision making.

In 2017, the Court Administration of Latvia required a comprehensive enterprise analytics platform to collect information, drive insights and make faster decisions. By choosing MicroStrategy, the Court Administration integrated disparate data sources into one place and gave its users the ability to access information easily and quickly with self-service analytics.

“By adopting the MicroStrategy platform, Riga Regional Court can automate processes to supervise the quality and quantity of work in the courts under its jurisdiction,” says Daiga Vilsone, Head Judge of Riga Regional Court, the Republic of Latvia.

Janis Dreimanis, Deputy Head of Project Management and International Cooperation Section at the Court Administration, added: “Prior to adopting MicroStrategy, it took a judge a whole working day to turn around a report. Now, it is done by a click of a button.”

The MicroStrategy implemented across the organization helped to save four of the administration’s work on a yearly basis. The Court administration estimates that under the previous system, it took approximately four hours to prepare a single performance evaluation by any judge. These advances mean that, with 150 judges on its staff, the Court Administration has already saved four months of work during 2018 that can be spent doing more productive tasks.

In addition, the MicroStrategy system enables the Court Administration to answer questions which were not possible before, such as:

-       How many of a judge’s decisions were appealed?

-       Which Land Registry applications are processed fastest and by which judges?

-       What can we learn about individual courts and judges’ case completion time and which courts have the lowest cost-per-completed-case based on their budget?

As well as being able to understand and control costs more effectively, MicroStrategy enables tighter departmental integration, helping the organization to share data, increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Raivis Kronbergs, State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia, sees a big advantage in deploying analytics platform to drive the decision-making process: “The BI platform has enabled the Ministry of Justice to make more data-led decisions, helped to justify policy followed by the Ministry, and gathers vital information requested by other state or international institutions in ways not possible before,” Kronbergs said.

The Court Administration also made some unexpected discoveries after adopting MicroStrategy. For example, in summer, case completion time decreases despite a large number of staff taking vacation. This is because Court Administration judges are more likely to check the simplest cases over summer, which can be completed in a shorter time.

Watch the video of the Latvian Court Administration case study. If you want your enterprise to become more intelligent, request an MicroStrategy Assessment and let MicroStrategy guide your business through the successful digital transformation.

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About Court Administration of Latvia

Court Administration is an institution of direct administration subordinated to the Minister of Justice, organizing and ensuring the administrative work of district (city) courts, regional courts and Land Registry Offices. Court Administration was established in 2004 to organize the administration of courts, promote the independence of courts and establish the potential and effectiveness of courts. Court Administration organizes and ensures the administrative work of district (city) courts, regional courts and Land Registry Offices (hereinafter – judicial institutions) by ensuring record-keeping and training of judges and employees of judicial institutions, carrying out financial management and book-keeping of judicial institutions, supplying judicial institutions with material and technical resources, developing the information and communication technology infrastructure of judicial institutions, improving and maintaining the following information systems: State Unified Computerized Land Register, Court Information System, and Register of Enforcement Cases.